Wednesday, September 7, 2011

still bullish ...

Haven't updated the blog in a few days, been a bit swamped with family issues (both good and bad), but I wanted to give all a quick update on the market.

We had three down days, then a strong up day today that reversed roughly half of the loss. 

The underlying internals that I am seeing shows strength.  It leads me to believe the market wants to go up from here.

With that said, we have a real battle going on that will continue for a while, the bears are not going to give up easily.

So, I am still cautious, but with each passing day I become more and more confident that we have seen the worst and we have up from here.

I'm sure after such a strong day today we will see the bears push hard tomorrow, but over time things should continue moving in an upward fashion.

Have a good evening ...

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