Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Randall Mauro Nailed it"

Listen to W. Scott O’Neil , portfolio manager for O’Neil Data Systems, Inc. and president of MarketSmith along with Amy Smith, Investors’ Business Daily ( radio and TV commentator talk about my entry into the market in December 2011 after being in cash for 4.5 months – avoiding a nasty 16.85% drop for our clients.

They emphasize Resnn's 'bigger picture' approach to analyzing the market's health by focusing on the market as a whole instead of looking at individual stocks.  Of particular interest is how they mention that most traders were afraid to enter the market when we did because 'they are listening to their emotions (fear), instead of looking at the data.  As you know this is one of our most important principles that we preach to up and coming traderes ... in order to do well in the market, you must take an emotionless, data-driven approach.

Watch the snippet where they speak about me specifically at:

or ... watch the entire archived version of their ‘Master the Market’ at …

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