Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tax deferred investing ...

We just signed a deal with a new broker specifically to be able to use their product that combines the growth and protection of Resnn’s strategy with tax free growth (tax deferral on all gains).

It’s a fantastic solution to keeping the IRS from taking your gains each year … particularly if you do not qualify for a traditional retirement account OR are already of retirement age and want to continue with tax deferred investing.

A short summary of the benefits (and drawbacks) are listed below … if you are interested in hearing more, let’s setup a time to talk further as to how this will benefit (or not benefit) your particular situation. 

Since most of our clients’ annual income is too high to be able to qualify for traditional retirement accounts like an IRA) we have been actively looking for a tax deferred investing method to help grow their portfolio without incurring a tax hit every year on their investment.

And I am happy to report that we have found an amazing, very low cost solution that acts similar to the way a Traditional IRA works … but has literally NO maximum contribution amount.  So unlike an IRA where you can only contribute 5.5k a year, you could put literally millions of dollars into this account and it will grow completely tax deferred until you withdraw it.

What’s more, there is no surrender charge or fees to close the account, hold it for 6 months it grows tax free until you withdraw the money, hold it for 10 years … ditto, no restriction on how long you maintain the account.

One big caveat … Like a traditional IRA, if you withdraw the funds before you are 59 ½, the IRS will charge you a 10% penalty, but with the annual tax savings an early withdrawal could potentially still be less expensive depending on your situation.  Oh and … if you are over 59 ½ there is absolutely no penalty to withdraw the funds when you want. 

The beneficiary treatment at time of death is exceptional where it can keep growing for the beneficiary without tax consequences for many years.  This allows you to pass your estate down with very positive results for your heirs.

Also, this applies to Joint accounts and Trust accounts as well as individual accounts.

The fees are a little higher than our existing custodian, so we need to look at your individual situation to see if a change makes sense, but if you are looking for ways to grow your portfolio while deferring taxes this might be a great opportunity.

By the way, we are paid NO differently whether you decide this product is right for you or not, there is literally NO incentive for us.   And of course, this changes nothing on your existing accounts … we will only move accounts over to this new custodian if you find it makes sense for your particular situation.

This solution really provides the best of both worlds, Resnn’s market protection and growth, without the annual tax hits we previously dealt with.  The product is top notch and will help you put more in your pockets over time.

Let me know if you are interested in finding out more and we will set up a time to discuss the nuances.

Resnn Investments, LLC

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